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Provision of modern onion storage facilities will help to prevent wastage, stabilize the onion prices, ensure that there is availability of onions all year round, boost onion farming, make for bigger harvests and boost the Nigeria economy.

Storage Condition for Onions

Onions can be stored in well equipped storage facilities at two temperatures ranges:

  1. Around 2 Deg Celsius in a cold store. This is the optimal storage temperature, under which onions can be stored up till 12 months.

  2. Temperature range of 25 Deg Celsius to 32 Deg Celsius, which saves a lot of energy and avoids the condensation problems when the onions leave the storage. It allows onions to be stored for up to 6 months.

Box storage using a pressure wall to facilitate homogeneous lateral ventilation will be used to store the onions at the facility.