Who we are

Tays Foods Limited is a Nigeria based company, that specializes in onion handling and storage. Our main objective is to reduce wastage of onions by providing modern onions storage facilities, which will in turn increase the quantity of onions available in the market, prevent market price fluctuations and increase income of the farmers.

Overview of the Onion Market In Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous Country in Africa with a population of approx 180 million people. It is situated in West Africa and it is the largest economy in Africa. There are 36 States in Nigeria and 1 Federal Capital Territory called Abuja. Onions are produced in the Northern States of Nigeria, examples are, Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Jigawa, Kaduna, Katsina and Borno. Onions are usually planted during the dry or harmattan seasons (November to January) and harvested and sold between February and April before the start of the rainy season. There are basically 3 types of soil in Nigeria which are used to farm onions and they are sandy, loamy and clay soil. The current onions seeds are produced locally by the farmers, from the flowers of the onions plant. Onions are ready for harvest four months after been transplanted.

The major challenge for all Onion farmers in Nigeria is the lack of good onions storage facilities for their produce and as a consequence of this, there is an estimated 40% wastage of their harvest. This translates to several millions of Naira revenue lost yearly. The current storage facilities in Nigeria are all locally made. They are silos built by the farmers. All silos are the same size of 12X12 feet, built to contain 10 bags (of 100 to 110 kilograms per bag) per silo. The local storage facilities are able to preserve onions for a 6 months period, although many onions get damaged during this period. This local storage process requires that, the health of the onions are checked at 3 months intervals to remove the bad ones.

The price of onions in the Market is determined by its availability. Therefore, prices are at its lowest during the onions harvest seasons (March to April) with the price appreciating in the months that follow. Prices continue to increase gradually until the onions become scarce and prices especially skyrocket between October, November and December.